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William Kopke, MED, OTR/L, CLT says

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January 2021
” No matter how many times one buys or sells a home, the process only gets more complicated and tiresome as the years go by. I found myself again changing jobs and needing to buy a new house in a town I did not know. Experience over the years has taught me that when moving to any new location, a Professional Realtor gives you the edge that makes the entire processes much easier and far less stressful. I called Team Lunde, which is a highly professional brother/sister team who were born and raised in Rockford. In addition to being highly trained and extremely knowledgeable at buying or selling Real Estate, they have the “insider’s view” of the Rockford metro area housing market. Most importantly; they listen. They ask questions. They learn what you want, what is negotiable and what are your requirements for the perfect home. Due to my strict schedule and odd hours, Team Lunde would tag-team to accommodate me with viewings that fit my schedule, answer an inordinate amount of questions that I did not have time to research and in the end, brought to the table a contract to buy that took that got me that house that far exceeded my wildest dreams. When you are looking for that “just right” house in Rockford, there is no better friend than the Team Lunde to help you find the place where you will in the end, sit back and call home. “

William Kopke, MED, OTR/L, CLT
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